Information for Students


Having trouble registering for a math course?

If you need a permit to enter a closed course, need a prerequisite permit, or you are getting errors when you try to register for a math course, please visit our Permits page.

Common Exam Conflicts

Are you taking multiple math courses with common exams that take place at the same time? You may apply for an alternate exam time by submitting a Common Exam Conflict Application. Follow the instructions and fill out the form accordingly.  There are NO MAKE-UP EXAMS; therefore, your rescheduled exam will be at a different time on the SAME DAY as your regularly scheduled exam.

Students who are unable to attend an exam due to medical reasons should contact the Office of the Dean of Students (see: DMS Exam Policy for more information). Students who are unable to attend an exam for other reasons must contact their instructor.

Summer Course at Another College

NJIT students who wish to take a summer class at a different college or university must obtain prior written approval from the Mathematical Sciences' Transfer Credit Advisor. See Approval to Take a Summer Course at Another College for details.

Information for Both Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

Graduate Student Information includes course syllabus, PhD qualifying exams, Graduate Committees and more.

Graduate Degree Programs

Careers In Math

Careers Opportunities in Mathematical Sciences: The Department of Mathematical Sciences lay the foundations for careers in three areas as well as other areas of significant intellectual challenge and high potential for career satisfaction.