The Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) is here to educate students by providing them with extensive and diverse knowledge in the mathematical sciences, to conduct cutting-edge research in the mathematical sciences, and serve the University as a whole.

In DMS, a vibrant and nurturing environment has been created where faculty members mentor graduate and undergraduate students as well as postdoctoral fellows; DMS views vertical cross-fertilization among these groups as an essential feature of learning.  Students are taught to develop analytical and computational skills and are exposed to computation in the curriculum from the moment of entering DMS programs.  Students, moreover, learn how to communicate their knowledge and scientific findings in a concrete and clear way by being immersed in project presentations and presenting their work at scientific conferences.  These skills and the targeted mentoring produce highly qualified students who can enter productive careers in industry, education, and research in New Jersey and the nation as well as guide postdoctoral fellows towards the next steps of their chosen career paths.