Math Help Desk Schedule

Fall 2018

Teaching Assistants are available to assist students in coordinated courses with MATLAB and MyMathLab. The Teaching Assistants are available on the following weekdays in the Math Tutoring Center in the Central King Building, Room G11 as indicated bellow:

Day Time TA (Alternating Weeks)
Monday 3:30 - 5PM Guangyuan Liao / Emel Khan
Tuesday 3:30 - 5PM Yichen Guo / Subharasish Chakraborty
Wednesday 3:30 - 5PM David Mazowiecki / Li Yu
Thursday 3:30 - 5PM Chao Cheng / Yuexin Liu
Friday 3:30 - 5PM Jimmy Adriazola / Kosuke Sugita

The Math Help Desk is closed during the summer.

Updated: September 13, 2018