Examination Policy

Examination Policy for Courses with Common Exams

  • There are NO MAKE-UP MIDTERM EXAMS. Students who fail to take an exam will receive a score of zero unless they have a legitimate excuse.
  • There will be NO MAKE UP FINAL EXAMS, except in rare situations where the student has a legitimate reason for missing an exam, including illness, death in the family, accident, requirement to appear in court, etc.  To properly report their absence during a midterm or final exam, students must do the following:
  1. Send an email to math@njit.edu, the instructor, and/or the coordinator of the course with a detailed explanation of the situation.  Please include your student ID number and indicate that you will be visiting the Office of the Dean of Students to validate the absence.
  2. Visit the Office of the Dean of Students, located in Room 255 of the Campus Center, with documentation of your absence.  If you are unsure of what documentation is appropriate to provide, call the Office of the Dean of Students at (973) 596-3466.
  3. Once your absence is validated, the Office of the Dean of Students will contact your instructor and/or the coordinator.  Your instructor will then notify you of how your absence during a common exam will be resolved.
  • There will be active proctoring from the beginning to the end of the exam.
  • To maintain the integrity of the exam, no student will be allowed to leave the exam early.
  • Students must arrive in class on time. Late arriving students may not be permitted to take the exam.
  • When the exam is completed, students must place the exam paper in the booklet if one is used or the test will not be graded.
  • The student must sign his/her booklet and/or the exam paper.
  • All students taking an exam must have with them at the time of the exam a PHOTO ID.
  • All cell phones and other electronic devices need to be switched off and put away during the exam.
Important Notice: Students are advised to take care when registering for multiple math courses that have common exams. Common exams for Math 112 and Math 222 will take place on the same day. Common exams for Math 211, 333, and 337 will also take place on the same day. See the Registrar's website for exact exam dates.

Students with conflicting common exams may apply with the Department of Mathematical Sciences for an alternate common exam time. However the alternative examination time is 5:45 pm - 7:10 pm, which may conflict with other classes or commitments.

Students who have registered for multiple math courses with conflicting exams will not be exempt from the Common Exam policies stated above.