Math Common and Final Exams



Common Exams apply only to coordinated courses as specified below. All common exams are held on WEDNESDAYS at 4:15PM - 5:40PM for daytime classes and at 5:45PM - 7:10PM for evening classes. To review the complete common exam schedule with classroom assignments, please click the corresponding link for each date.

Final Exams are administered during the last week of the semester and the schedule applies to all courses in Math. The Final Exams for all coordinated courses will be given during the Final Exam Week, usually at 3:15PM - 5:45PM for daytime classes and at 5:45PM - 8:15PM for evening classes.

Policy for Exam Conflicts: Any student with a common or final exam time conflict should read the Exam Conflict portion of our Information for Students page.  Follow the instructions therein and submit an exam conflict application. There are NO MAKE-UP EXAMS; therefore, your rescheduled exam will be at a different time on the SAME DAY as your regularly scheduled exam.

Spring 2018 Exam Schedule and Locations

4 Credit Common Exams: 108, 110, 111, 112, 112H, 213, 222, & 222H

3 Credit Common Exams: 107, 211, 333, & 337

Final Exam Week: May 4 - 10, 2018

Archived Common and Final Exam Schedule Information