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Online permit request forms are now closed.

Online permits have closed. Students in need of permit must visit the math office located in 606 Cullimore Hall. The math office closes at 4:30 pm.

There are several types of permits available. To avoid delays, be sure that you choose the correct one for the problem you are experiencing.

  • General Permit Application: For registration errors due to missing prerequisites, field of study errors, honors cohort errors, year errors or bridge permits. Please allow 2 business days (not including weekends) for processing of general permits. Please DO NOT contact the Math Department to inquire about the status of your permit request until 2 business days have passed.
  • Closed Course Permit Application: This is used only to request entry into a class what has reached its maximum enrollment size. Students already enrolled in a course will not be issued a permit to change sections. Closed course permits are processed according to the schedule listed on the application.  Please see the Closed Course Permit FAQ below.

General Permit FAQ

NJIT STUDENTS TAKING A PREREQUISITE COURSE AT ANOTHER SCHOOL IN THE SUMMER will NOT be issued a permit until their grade for the summer class has been submitted to the department (via email to

TRANSFER STUDENTS WHO HAVE TAKEN A PLACEMENT TEST AT NJIT:  If you are a student who has recently transferred to NJIT and you have taken a placement test in the Office of First Year students, you must submit this form AND send an e-mail to with a copy of your placement scores attached in order for us to process a prerequisite permit. Be sure to include your NJIT ID number in your email.

TRANSFER STUDENTS WHO TOOK A PREREQUISITE AT ANOTHER SCHOOL:  If you are a student who has taken a prerequisite class at another school, you must submit this form AND send an e-mail to with a copy of your transcript attached in order for us to process a prerequisite permit. Be sure to include your NJIT ID number in your email. You MAY be directed to see our transfer credit advisor for transcript review.

Closed Course Permit FAQ

The Highlander Pipeline registration system now provides a waiting list. Please use this system to add yourself to the waiting list for closed courses. See the Waitlist FAQ for instructions. Closed course permits will be available through the Math Department once the Highlander Pipeline waitlist is turned off (on or about August 22nd). When the Highlander Pipeline waitlist is turned off, the Math Department's online permit requests for closed courses will be made available.

When the Highlander Pipeline waitlist is removed, follow these instructions to submit a Closed Course Permit Application through the department.

If the class you wish to register for is full, please submit a Closed Course Permit Application to be placed on the waiting list. If you were already on the Highlander Pipeline waitlist you will automatically be moved to the Math Department permit sysetm and you do not need to submit a closed course permit.

Closed course permit requests are evaluated periodically, according to the schedule listed on the application. Please carefully read the instructions on the Closed Course Permit Application for the processing dates. You will be notified via e-mail about the status of your request.

DO NOT submit multiple requests for the same class. Each time you submit a duplicate request your old request is deleted and your new request is placed on the bottom of the waiting list.

The Closed Course Permit Application is for closed courses only. If you need Prerequisite, Department, Honors, Field of Study, Year, or Bridge permits, please use the General Permit Request form.

Students must provide two section options. If no other section fits your schedule, you will need to rearrange your other classes. If you are still unable to find a suitable alternative section you must provide the reason why you must have the particular section you are requesting. Requests with only one section option will be given lowest priority.

Students must verify that all prerequisites have been met for the course they are requesting. The prerequisite must appear on your NJIT Transcript. Check your Highlander Pipeline account and the NJIT Catalog to be sure you have the required prerequisite.

A Closed Course Permit WILL NOT solve other registration issues (prerequisite, major, year, etc). We suggest you check to see if you are eligible to register for a course by registering for an open section. If you are unable to register you will receive an error. To resolve other registration issues, submit a General Permit Request.

Permits will only be granted to one time per student per course.

If your credit load exceeds 19, permission will not be granted.

You must verify that the section you are requesting does not conflict with any other class times.

Permits WILL NOT be granted to students who are currently enrolled in another section of the course. If you are enrolled in another section you must remove yourself from that section before requesting a closed course permit for another section.

You will receive an email notification when your permit has been issued. You must sign onto the NJIT registration system and register for the course immediately. Permit requests may be revoked if you have not registered for the course with 48 hours of notification.

If you receive a notification that your course permit has been processed, and you are still unable to register for the course due to another type of errors (major, year, etc) you must submit a general permit request located on the Math Department website.


Closed Course Forms will not be granted by the Department of Mathematical Sciences if other sections of the course have not reached their maximum of number of students. The student should re-arrange their schedule to register in the section that has not reached its maximum size.

If the upper limit has been reached in all sections of a course, an Undergraduate Student who needs the course to graduate may be given a permit to enter the closed course. In this case, the student may be asked to provide a note from their advisor stating that the student is graduating and that this is a required course.

A Graduate Student who needs to take a mathematics course as a bridge course may be asked to provide a note from their graduate advisor or the admissions letter that specifies the required math course.

Closed Course Permits Applications are processed according to the schedule listed on the form. You will receive e-mail updates periodically once you submit your permit request.

Registration Procedures

NOTE: The form asks for at least two (2) sections of the course to be listed (if available or possible). The more sections you provide will increase the chances of getting into the course.

The Department will review the closed course request.  If approved, a permit to enroll in the course will be issued and an email will be sent to the student.  Permits are placed directly into NJIT’s registration system allowing the student to register for the closed course.  Students need to then go on-line to register for the requested course. The Department of Mathematical Sciences cannot register a student for a course.