MS in Applied Mathematics

MS in Applied MathematicsMathematics has always been crucial to many forms of scientific inquiry.  Now, more than ever, advances in scientific research are found to benefit from the formulation and analysis of quantitative mathematical models.  Successful analysis of a model leads to a better understanding of the role and interaction of key components in the system being studied and provides a predictive tool for improving system performance.


Who should enroll?

The program is intended for motivated students with a strong interest in mathematics, who enjoy the challenges of problem solving, and are interested in a career in the mathematical sciences or a related field. It is designed to meet the needs of those intending to pursue a doctoral degree in the mathematical or related sciences, but is also well-suited to students who want to expand their mathematical skills for careers in industry, commerce, or education. The program will benefit practicing engineers and high technology workers seeking to enhance their expertise in applied mathematics. The degree can be completed on a part-time basis, but participation on a full-time basis is encouraged.

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