About the Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences (DMS) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is a full service teaching and active research department in the College of Science and Liberal Arts. It has been designated as one of three programs at NJIT for Strategic Initiative funds to enhance its national recognition. 

The DMS occupies the 2nd, 5th, and 6th floors of Cullimore Hall, located in the northeast corner of the NJIT campus nestled in between Eberhardt Hall and the Fenster Building.

The DMS offers a BS degree in Mathematical Sciences with options in Applied Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Mathematical Biology, and Mathematics of Finance & Actuarial Science; an M.S. degree in Applied Mathematics; an MS degree in Applied Statistics; and a PhD degree in Mathematical Sciences with tracks in Applied Mathematics and Applied Probability & Statistics.

There are 48 tenure-track Faculty members, five Special Lecturers, five Lecturers, and several Adjuncts in DMS.

The undergraduate program has about 114 majors including double majors and about 140 minors.  In addition to the standard undergraduate curricula in Mathematical Sciences, a new 7-year Accelerated BS/MD Program in Mathematical Sciences has been established. The graduate program has about 40 MS students and 30 PhD students.  In addition, DMS fulfills a large service role in the University by providing courses in mathematics at all levels, including precalculus, undergraduate, and graduate.  Also, these courses range over many different disciplines, such as differential equations, probability and statistics, mathematical biology, mathematical fluid dynamics, discrete mathematics, numerical analysis and scientific computing, mathematical analysis, linear algebra, and variational methods.

The DMS is the recipient of an NSF Award for an Undergraduate Biology and Mathematics Training Program, one of only eight such awards in the country.  This training program will educate undergraduate students in an environment in which mathematics and biology are intimately linked at both the curricular and research levels.

Research faculty members in DMS are primarily in Applied Mathematics and Applied Statistics. Some of the research specialties are in Mathematical Biology, Mathematical Fluid Dynamics, Linear and Nonlinear Waves, Electromagnetics, Optics, Acoustics, Applied Statistics, and Numerical Analysis.  Research funding comes from the NSF, NIH, ONR, AFOSR, NASA, DOE, Whitaker Foundation, and the Council for International Exchange of Scholars (Fulbright Foundation).

The DMS recently obtained an NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) grant for development of a Beowulf computational cluster.