Yassine Boubendir

Contact Info

Title: Professor
Email: yassine.boubendir@njit.edu
Office: 609 Cullimore
Phone: 973-596-3499
Dept: Mathematics
Webpage: http://web.njit.edu/~boubendi

About Me

´╗┐Yassine Boubendir┬┤s general interests are in the numerical and the mathematical analysis of Partial Differential Equations. More specifically, he is interested in the design, implementation and analysis of numerical algorithms for problems of electromagnetic, acoustic and elastic wave propagation. In recent years, he introduced a new non-overlapping domain decomposition algorithm that combines a boundary element and finite element methods. In addition, he developed an appropriate krylov subspace method, at high frequency regime, in the context of multiple scattering situations. Currently, his research is devoted to the acceleration of the iterative methods corresponding to these two algorithms.


  • PhD, Mathematics, Toulouse (France) 2002



Research Interests

  • Numerical and the mathematical analysis of electromagnetic, acoustic and elastic wave propagation
  • Domain decomposition techniques
  • Finite element methods
  • Integral equations and High frequency problems

Selected Publications

  • Non-Overlapping Domain Decomposition Method for a Nodal Finite Element Method (with A. Bendali) Numerische Mathematik,vol.103, Number 4/June 2006, 515-537.
  • An Analysis of the BEM-FEM Non-Overlapping Domain Decomposition Method for a Scattering Problem. J. Of Comp. and A. Math. vol 204, 2, July 2007, 282-291.
  • A FETI-like Domain Decomposition Method for Coupling Finite Elements and Boundary Elements in Large-Size Problems of Scoustic Scattering (with A. Bendali and M. Fares). Computers & Structures, vol 85, 9, May 2007, 526-535.