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Michael Booty

Booty, Michael R.
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
CULM 524
About Me

Michael Booty´s interests are in applied mathematics. More specifically, analytical and approximate solution techniques, and mathematical modeling in the natural sciences and engineering. Most of the applications he has considered occur in the dynamics of fluids and combustion phenomena, with some electromagnetics. More detail can be found at the tabs on research and publications & projects. He also teaches a variety of courses across the undergraduate and graduate mathematics curriculum.

  • PhD, Mathematics, Imperial College, University of London
  • MA, University of Cambridge
Organizational Memberships
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • American Physical Society
  • The Combustion Institute
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Research Interests
  • Applied Mathematics: Mathematical modeling and methods of analysis.
  • Asymptotic analysis and singular perturbation methods.
  • Numerical methods.
  • Stability and bifurcation theory for ordinary and partial differential equations.
  • Nonlinear waves and other nonlinear phenomena.
  • Applications in fluid mechanics and combustion (including some collaborative experimental work).

Michael Booty´s principal research interests are in mathematical modeling and analytical and approximate solution techniques (i.e., asymptotic and numerical techniques). Most of the applications he has considered are in the areas of fluid mechanics and combustion. His main studies in combustion have focused on the time-dependent and multidimensional dynamics of propagating reaction waves in gas mixtures, solid phase mixtures, and porous media, analyzed by a combination of multiple-scale, stability and bifurcation techniques. His other studies have included prototype reaction-diffusion models and collaboration on experimental studies for conditions that minimize pollutant formation in the thermal oxidation of common materials.

Current Research

His current research interests include: studies on interfacial flows and surfactants, slow localized thermal waves in material processing, the direction of small-scale objects via magnetic fields, and a two-dimensional potential flow model for the near-field interaction of a pair of flexible lifting membranes, or sails.

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  4. Reflection and transmission from a thin inhomogeneous cylinder in a rectangular TE10 waveguide. M.R. Booty and G.A. Kriegsmann Progress in Electromagnetics Research 47, 2004, 263-296.
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