Research: CAMS

Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics (CAMS)

Research in Mathematical Sciences is conducted under the auspices of the Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics (CAMS).  CAMS is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to supporting applied research in the mathematical sciences at NJIT.

CAMS was established in 1986 to promote research in the mathematical sciences at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Members of the Department of Mathematical Sciences naturally form the core of CAMS membership, but the importance of mathematics for science and technology has made CAMS an interdisciplinary organization. 

CAMS brings researchers from academia, industry, and government to NJIT and other institutions by organizing interdisciplinary workshops and by bringing together researchers whose strengths are complementary and whose goals are common. CAMS activities also include support for the submission of research proposals, which is done through dissemination of information, organization of group projects, collegial advice and assistance with application documents. Graduate student research is encouraged through the CAMS Summer Research Program and support for students to attend conferences.

CAMS also fosters research by undergraduate students and is developing long-term relationships with industry.