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Richard O. Moore

Contact Info

Title: Associate Professor
Office: 603 Cullimore
Hours: Mon 1-2:30, Wed 11:30-1 or by appointment (Spring 2018)
Phone: 973-596-5557
Dept: Mathematical Sciences


About Me

Richard Moore´s research focuses on wave phenomena in optical communication systems and optical devices. He is particularly interested in how such systems and devices are disturbed by a variety of influences relevant to their operating environments. Current projects include using a combination of perturbation methods and importance sampling to simulate rare events in optical communication lines, and using dynamical systems techniques and rigorous reduction methods to analyze the impact of heating due to optical field absorption in devices that convert optical frequencies using parametric gain media.


  • PhD, Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University
  • MS, Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University
  • BSc, Combined Honors Physics and Mathematics, University of British Columbia


Research Interests

  • Investigating the robustness of optical bits (e.g., optical solitons) to deterministic and random perturbations
  • Developing hybrid analytical/computational methods (e.g., using biased sampling techniques) to compute statistics of low-probability events, such as bit errors in optical communication lines
  • Exploring the validity of finite-dimensional reductions of dispersive PDEs
  • Analysing patterns/localised objects and their dynamics in damped-dispersive systems
  • Exploring the effect of heating on dispersive systems such as optical parametric gain devices
  • Devising multi-scale computational techniques to exploit the disparity of time scales in physically relevant coupled hyperbolic-parabolic systems


Selected Publications