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Ken Horwitz

Horwitz, Kenneth A.
University Lecturer, mathematics dept.
207 B cullimore
  • Ed.D. Mathematics Education, Rutgers University (June 2011-Present)
  • MA, Mathematics Education, New Jersey City University, Graduated 2004
  • BA, Mathematics, New Jersey City University, Graduated 2002
  • BA, University of Delaware, Graduated 1994
Major: Hisory
Minor: Political Science
  • Certificate of Eligibility with an endorsement in Mathematics
  • Certificate of Eligibility with an endorsement in Social Studies
Professional Organization
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), member since 2004
  • Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey (AMTNJ) member since 2008
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) member since 2011
  • Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) member since 2012
  • 2012 “Examining Algebraic Reasoning Through Video Data Research.” Presented at AMTNJ Fall Conference October 2012
  • 2010 Utilizing Technology to Become a Better AP Calculus Teacher.” Presented at AMTNJ Fall Conference, October 2010
  • 2006 “Using technology appropriately to maximize learning in the mathematics classroom.” Poster presentation at the 2nd Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, March 2006
  • 2005 “Integrating Technology into the mathematics classroom” Presented at the Tennessee Math Teachers Association Fall Conference, September 2005.
Funded Research Efforts

Examining Representations of Rational Concepts in Middle School Textbooks. (March 2005) UT-SARIF (Summer Graduate Research Assistantship Grant, $3000). P.I.’s Dr. P. Mark Taylor and Dr. JoAnn Cady. Supporting research efforts of P. Mark Taylor and JoAnn Cady and Graduate Assistant Kenneth Horwitz.

  • Horwitz, K. (2015), Eight-Grade Students explore Surface Area and Volume Problems: The Role of Representations, [video file] retrieved from
  • Horwitz, K. (2015), Using Meredith’s models to reason about comparing and ordering unit fractions, [video file] retrieved from http:// doi:10.7282/T33J3FQG
  • Horwitz, K. (2015), Extending Fraction Placements from Segments to Number Line: Obstacles and Their Resolutions, [video file] retrieved from http://doi:10.7282/T39Z96SR
  • 2012 Horwitz, K. (2012), The Bulldog Lottery, The Mathematics Teacher, May 2013 vol 106 no. 9.
  • Horwitz, K. (2011). The Number Line. [video file] retrieved from
  • 2011 Horwitz, K. (2011). Using Technology Appropriately to Maximizes Learning. The New Jersey Mathematics Teacher, December,2011. vol 69, no.2
  • 2005 Horwitz, K. (2006). People to people leadership forum offers unique leadership opportunity. Teach. vol 37. no 6