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Jay Kappraff

Kappraff, Jay M.
Associate Professor, Dept. of Mathematical Sci.
208a Cullimore
About Me

  • PhD, Applied Mathematics, New York University
  • MS, Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University
  • BChE, Chemical Engineering, New York Polytechnic

1. Graham Foundation. To write the book, Beyond Measure. $9000

2. Graham Foundation. Production of a Telecourse in Mathematics of Design. $9817. 1993-1994.

3. National Endowment for the Arts. To write A Workbook on Spatial Design Mathematics. $7500 Mr. 1991 - Mar. 1992

4. Graham Foundation. To write the book, Connections. $7500. Sept. 1987 - Sept. 1988.

5. New Jersey Department of Higher Education. Experimental Mathematics and Communications Summer Program. PI. $15,000. 1985.

6. Schumann Foundation. Exp. Math. and Comm. Summer Program. PI. $37,500. 1983.

7. Schumann Foundation. Exp. Math. and Comm. Program. PI. $33,000. 1983.

8. Graham Foundation. To write a set of Lecture Notes on The Mathematics of Design. $3000. 1980. 8. Naval Research Lab. PI. to investigate a mathematical model for the suppression of the "tearing mode" instability in a controlled thermonuclear plasma. $40,000. 1977 - 1978.

Honors and Awards

1. Selected for Who´s Who in Science and Technology. 1983,2006.

2. Program Recognition Award of the New Jersey Department of High Education for an educational summer program. 1985.

3. Selected for Who´s Who in American Education. 1993, 2006.

5. Selected for Who’s Who in America 2006

6. Association of American Publishers award for the best book in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy Professional and Reference for 1991 for the book Connections.

7. CAPE award from Cable TV of NJ for best Distance Learning Course of 1996.

8. Excellence in Teaching Award 2001 - 2002

Research Interests
  • Applied geometry
  • Applied mathematics
  • Fractals
  • Dynamical systems
  • Mathematical pedagogy
  • Mathematical biology
Selected Publications
  • Kappraff, J. "Beyond Measure: A Guided Tour through Nature Myth, and Number," 480 pages. Singapore: World Scientific (2001)
  • Kappraff, J. "A Secret of Ancient Geometry." In Geometry at Work edited by C.Gorini. Mathematics Association of America Geometry MASA Notes No. 53 (2000)
  • Kappraff, J. and Hawkins, G. “The Music of the Spheres: Was Kepler Wrong?,” unpublished (2000)
  • Kappraff, J. and Adamson, G.W. “A Fresh Look at Number.” Visual Mathematics (an electronic journal," Vol. 2, No. 3 Fall 2000. Also appeared in Bridges: 2000 edited by R.Sarhangi. White Plains, Maryland: Gilliland Press (2000)
  • Kappraff, J. “The Arithmetic of Nicomachus of Gerasa and its Applications to Systems of Proportion,” Nexus Network Journal (an electronic journal, 4, No. 3 October 2000.