NSF Capstone Laboratory

Through grants from the National Science Foundation in 1996 and more recently through the CCLI (Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Program-Adaptation and Implementation Program) in 2005, Grant no. 0511514, the NJIT Department of Mathematical Sciences has developed an Undergraduate Computing Laboratory to be used in conjunction with a Capstone Course. The Capstone Course is required of all those graduating with a degree in mathematical sciences with a concentration in applied mathematics. The course provides an opportunity for students to synthesize the knowledge gained during their undergraduate experience by combining mathematical modeling, theoretical and computational analysis, and physical experiments with communication teamwork skills.


The Capstone Lab currently contains significant amount of hardware and software that can be used to carry out numerous experiments.  In particular, this equipment includes the following experimental and computing equipment that allows for analysis and experiments involving:

  • mechanics (mass-spring systems, etc.);
  • electrostatic set-ups that can be used to illustrate solutions to problems of potential theory;
  • a Hele-Shaw cell that can be used to illustrate fluid flow past obstacles;
  • a goniometer allowing for measuring shapes or hanging and sessile drops and films;
  • a laser setup illustrating the methods of geometrical and physical optics;
  • a high speed camera (up to 20,000 frames per second) that can be used for a number of different experiments;
  • a microscope that is particularly useful for the experiments involving microfluidics.

Past Capstone Projects