Computational Ecology Tools

Eco-Tools is a web-accessible means of performing commonly needed and useful calculations in ecology and conservation biology.

No special software is required, and all algorithms are open-source and based on standard references. The site provides access to state-of-the-art quantitative tools for those without access to the latest in computers, software and publications. Modules include Population Viability Analysis, Species Richness Estimation, Ordination, and many others.

Eco-Tools is developed and managed by Gareth Russell, a faculty member of the Department of Mathematical Sciences (Division of Biology) and the Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The site is hosted at NJIT though startup funds made available to Dr. Russell. The site is powered by webMathematica, an extension of the Mathematica programming package (Wolfram Research). Software support is provided through NJIT's licensing agreement.

Eco-Tools is intended to be an evolving resource, based on input from the biological and mathematical communities. The site also relies on volunteers to translate modules into other languages. In the first week after going public from its new home at NJIT, the site was visited by users in over 45 countries, including India, Chile, Guatemala and Iran. Comments, suggestions and offers of help are welcome -- please e-mail: