Manuel Perez

Contact Info

Title: Professor
Office: 206B CULM
Hours: Tuesday 10am-11:30am , Wed 10:00am-111:30am
Phone: 973-596-5838
Dept: Mathematical Sciences

Academic Interests: heat transfer, expert systems, computer medical diagnosis, mechanical properties, fibrous webs

About Me

The research of Manuel Perez is in the areas of heat transfer, drying of porous media, expert systems, medical diagnosis by computer, and mechanical properties of fibrous webs. He is now working on survival studies of prostate cancer patients, and on evaluating the efficacy of surgical procedures and radiation treatment for various stages of the disease.


  • PhD, Mechanical Engineering, City University of New York


Research Interests

My research interests are in the areas of Heat Transfer, Expert Systems, Medical Diagnosis by Computer, Mechanical Properties of Fibrous Webs.

Current Research

My  most current research is in the development of Medical Diagnostic   Software  utilizing artificial   intelligence.  I have been working in this area for several years in collaboration with Dr. Martin Sturman, the Director of Nuclear Medicine  and Visceral Ultasonography at St.  Michael´s  Medical Center  in Newark,  New Jersey and with Dr. Mario Reis, Director of Urology, at the University of Porto in Porto, Portugal. To date I have developed several programs  which utilize Bayesian decision theory and emulate  the thought  process of the expert physician.  These programs  cover Coronary disease,  Hyperthyroidism and Abdominal Pain  Diagnosis, and  Urological Problems.

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