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Nadim, Farzan

Contact Info
Title: Professor of Neurobiology
Office: CKB 420E
Hours: By appointment.
Phone: 973-596-8453
Dept: Biological Sciences

Academic Interests: rhythmic motor activity

About Me

Farzan Nadim, PhD, is a professor in the department of mathematical sciences at New Jersey Institute of Technology. The main focus of Nadim´s research is to understand how synaptic dynamics, such as short-term depression and facilitation contribute to the generation and control of oscillatory neuronal activity. Such synaptic dynamics are found ubiquitously in all parts of the nervous systems.

Nadim´s research has helped identify new mechanisms through which a fast and a slow oscillatory network coordinate their activities. Elucidating mechanisms through which non-identical networks interact will help us understand, at a cellular and network level, how widespread synchronous patterns arise in large non-homogeneous networks, such as the brain. Such widespread synchronization of rhythmic activity among networks of neurons that normally function to produce distinct behavior can lead to disorders such as generalized epilepsy and Parkinson´s disease.

Grants and Awards


  • National Institutes of Health MH-60605 (Principal Investigator) December 2000 (-2011)
  • Regulation of Neuronal Oscillations by Synaptic Dynamics
  • National Science Foundation DUE-0436244 (Co-Principal Investigator) September 2004 (-2009)
  • UBM: An undergraduate biology and mathematics training program at NJIT.
  • Binational Science Foundation (co-PI) September 2002 (-2007)
  • Mechanisms of Dose- and State-Dependence of Neuromodulation



Courses I Teach


Research Interests

Farzan Nadim studies rhythmic motor activity generated in the central nervous system by combining experiments and computational techniques. Nadim has a joint appointment with the Federated Department of Biological Sciences and runs a laboratory that conducts experiments on isolated nervous systems of crustacea. These experiments involve elecrophysiological recordings from multiple nerves and neurons, pharmacological manipulations of the system, and immunohistology.  The neuronal circuits studied all produce oscillatory output of various frequencies. The lab also models these systems both at the detailed biophysical level and using analytic mathematical techniques.

Current Research

His current focus is on contribution of synaptic dynamics to network output and the interaction between multiple oscillatory systems.


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