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Department of Mathematical Sciences

Horwitz, Kenneth A.

Contact Info
Title: University Lecturer
Office: 207 B cullimore
Phone: 973-596-5679
Dept: mathematics dept.



  • Ed.D. Mathematics Education, Rutgers University (June 2011-Present)
  • MA, Mathematics Education, New Jersey City University, Graduated 2004
  • BA, Mathematics, New Jersey City University, Graduated 2002
  • BA, University of Delaware, Graduated 1994
                                Major: Hisory
                                Minor: Political Science




  • Certificate of Eligibility with an endorsement in Mathematics
  • Certificate of Eligibility with an endorsement in Social Studies

Professional Organization


  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), member since 2004
  • Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey (AMTNJ) member since 2008
  • Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) member since 2011
  • Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) member since 2012




  • 2012 “Examining Algebraic Reasoning Through Video Data Research.” Presented at AMTNJ Fall Conference October 2012
  • 2010 Utilizing Technology to Become a Better AP Calculus Teacher.” Presented at AMTNJ  Fall Conference, October 2010
  • 2006  “Using technology appropriately to maximize learning in the mathematics classroom.” Poster presentation at the 2nd Annual Graduate Student Colloquium, March 2006
  • 2005   “Integrating Technology into the mathematics classroom” Presented at the Tennessee Math Teachers Association Fall Conference, September 2005.

Courses I Teach


Funded Research Efforts

Examining Representations of Rational Concepts in Middle School Textbooks. (March 2005) UT-SARIF (Summer Graduate Research Assistantship Grant, $3000). P.I.’s Dr. P. Mark Taylor and Dr. JoAnn Cady. Supporting research efforts of P. Mark Taylor and JoAnn Cady and Graduate Assistant Kenneth Horwitz.




  • Horwitz, K. (2015), Eight-Grade Students explore Surface Area and Volume Problems: The Role of Representations, [video file] retrieved from
  • Horwitz, K. (2015), Using Meredith’s models to reason about comparing and ordering unit fractions, [video file] retrieved from http:// doi:10.7282/T33J3FQG
  • Horwitz, K. (2015), Extending Fraction Placements from Segments to Number Line: Obstacles and Their Resolutions, [video file] retrieved from http://doi:10.7282/T39Z96SR
  • 2012 Horwitz, K. (2012), The Bulldog Lottery, The Mathematics Teacher, May 2013 vol 106 no. 9.
  • Horwitz, K. (2011). The Number Line. [video file] retrieved from 
  • 2011 Horwitz, K. (2011). Using Technology Appropriately to Maximizes Learning. The New Jersey Mathematics Teacher, December,2011. vol 69, no.2
  • 2005  Horwitz, K. (2006). People to people leadership forum offers unique leadership opportunity. Teach. vol 37. no 6