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BS in Computational Sciences - Proposed New Undergraduate Major for Fall 2008

BS in Computational SciencesThe Bachelor of Sciences in Computational Sciences is an interdisciplinary program that will enable students to explore the connection between science and computation, an area of great importance with the advent of powerful computing technologies, such as parallel supercomputers and high-performance algorithms such as the Fourier transform. Computational sciences combines the application of numerical methods, models, and algorithms in the context of solving problems that are intractable by traditional methods, thus providing new means for learning and advancing the traditional sciences.

Mathematics has always been crucial to many different forms of scientific inquiry.  More recently, numerical simulation is combining with mathematical modeling to play a major role in science. Now, more than ever, advances in a wide variety of fields such as finance, software development, science and engineering benefit from the formulation and analysis of quantitative mathematical models and numerical computation. Successful analysis of a model leads to a better understanding of the system being studied and provides a predictive tool for system performance.

  • Explore the connection between science and computation.
  • Specialize in Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Computational Mathematics, and Computational Physics.
  • Prepare for a career in such areas as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and electronics, in government, especially the Department of Defense and NASA, and in education and research, including medical and environmental research.

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