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MS in Computational Biology

MS in Computational BiologyIn recent years there has been an explosion of interest in the Life Sciences. In particular, mathematicians, physicists, and computer scientists have been adapting their skills to the study of biological problems. They have utilized their theoretical training to develop and apply techniques that address and solve problems related to, for example, the genome, developmental biology, neuroscience, and ecology. Many of these techniques involve harnessing the vast computational power that is now available to develop and solve mathematical models that successfully predict biological phenomena. The skills needed to do this are in heavy demand in industry as well as in academe and government labs.

Who should enroll?

The Master of Science in Computational Biology seeks to train students at the interface of biology, computational science, and mathematical science. The program will train students to put biological problems in mathematical form using the techniques of mathematical modeling. It will teach students how to use computational, numerical, and analytical tools to analyze and solve mathematical models, and how to interpret the results in biological terms. The program will be of interest to students who want to pursue a truly inter-disciplinary learning experience.

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